1 year on

It’s hard to believe that it’s over a year since I started as Reading Champ.

What a year it has been!  But – I’m not finished yet…

I’m currently writing a play which is fast heading into second draft which will be performed in the Spring.  It’s the culmination of all the work I’ve been part of in the last year.

I’m also doing something with puppets that’s not a play but kinda is a play for the book group that’s not a book group but kinda is a book group which will be roughly based on 101 words – kinda!

More info soon…


La La Library Land

I’ve been reading our planned programme for La La Library Land on Tuesday night next week.  It looks la la lovely!

I’m MC for the night so I’ve decided to undertake my duties in 101 words.  I’m officially  obsessed with counting words.  It will be lovely though to enjoy some of the wonderful local talent we have here in Shetland.

We’ll also be sharing pictures from the Alzheimer Scotland’s exhibition called ‘Knit and Chat’ which I was involved in as well as launching our recommended reads from our friends over at Annsbrae House.

See you in the La La Library next week!

13 memories

It’s Friday the 13th.  I’m celebrating with 13 Library memories:

  1. The blue library van
  2. Pretending to study in the old Shetland room
  3. Moments of silence
  4. Old swimming pool – museum – library (annual school trips)
  5. Kathleen Tait recommending I read Charlotte’s Web
  6. People watching with a coffee
  7. The old office on St Olaf Street
  8. Smells of books
  9. Knitting a car
  10. Discovering poetry with Kathleen Jamie
  11. Using it as an office when I was unemployed
  12. Rehearsing plays in the old library with the late Tommy Watt
  13. Always being made to feel welcome with smiles from friendly staff

What’s your memories?  Email me at jacqui.clark@shetland.org

Stories in cards

The number of cards received has reduced but I’m relieved as I never know what to do with them so they end up in a leaning pile of uncertainty.

There are people who I write an annual ‘here’s my life in letter form’ inside cards I send.  I can’t break the habit as there’s something nice about reading the handwritten news you receive in return rather than social media updates.

That’s enough of Christmas!

It’s time to read!

I’m kicking off 2017 with the best title I could find on the shelves –  ‘Hank Hung The Moon And Warmed Our Cold, Cold Hearts’!

A Christmas Story

It was Christmas Eve in Shetland Library and Book Champ was champing at the bit, excited for Christmas Day.

She was browsing the many wonderful books that adorn the shelves when suddenly she saw a man walk past.  He nodded and smiled as he walked silently towards the Vestry door.

Book Champ decided to follow.  Tiptoeing through the crowds of people gathered to take out their Festive reads.

Nobody noticed him as he walked past.

It was like he was invisible to everyone but Book Champ.

She took a deep breath and reached for the handle.  It sparkled and felt warm to the touch.  She gently opened the door and entered.

The room was dark with very little light but the outside door was slightly ajar.  A cold frosty air was squeezing through the gap.

Book Champ could hear the man speaking quietly.

She peeked through the gap and nearly fell backwards.  She steadied herself and looked again at the surprising sight before her.

There stood the man, with a large reindeer and a sleigh.

The Man looked back at Book Champ.

“I had a late return from last year.”

And with that he was gone.

In a flash of Christmas magic.


Reading dissertation

Research aim – Identify where people read.

Methodology – Buckets, food colouring, water and chasing people.

Findings – Men often opted for the bathroom bucket. It’s worth noting women were also prone to pour in there because of the pretty red colour and the bath reading thing with candles.  There were a lot of people drawn to the word bedroom because they were possibly tired. The final ‘other’ bucket provided options for the undecided pourer including gardens, public transport and large comfortable sofas.

Conclusion – All buckets had the same level at the end of the three hour test period thus proving people read everywhere.


Reading locations

I’ve been spending time over the last few weeks reading lots of local books and poems to help me think about an exciting project we have planned.

Shetland’s literature features some wonderful locations and I think it would be really great to develop a series of local walks that celebrate some of these places which writers have written about.

Maybe you have some ideas?  Why don’t you write me a little note and leave it with the friendly staff in Shetland Library.

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I’ll also be based in Mareel during Wordplay so come and chat with me there.