1 year on

It’s hard to believe that it’s over a year since I started as Reading Champ.

What a year it has been!  But – I’m not finished yet…

I’m currently writing a play which is fast heading into second draft which will be performed in the Spring.  It’s the culmination of all the work I’ve been part of in the last year.

I’m also doing something with puppets that’s not a play but kinda is a play for the book group that’s not a book group but kinda is a book group which will be roughly based on 101 words – kinda!

More info soon…



A Christmas Story

It was Christmas Eve in Shetland Library and Book Champ was champing at the bit, excited for Christmas Day.

She was browsing the many wonderful books that adorn the shelves when suddenly she saw a man walk past.  He nodded and smiled as he walked silently towards the Vestry door.

Book Champ decided to follow.  Tiptoeing through the crowds of people gathered to take out their Festive reads.

Nobody noticed him as he walked past.

It was like he was invisible to everyone but Book Champ.

She took a deep breath and reached for the handle.  It sparkled and felt warm to the touch.  She gently opened the door and entered.

The room was dark with very little light but the outside door was slightly ajar.  A cold frosty air was squeezing through the gap.

Book Champ could hear the man speaking quietly.

She peeked through the gap and nearly fell backwards.  She steadied herself and looked again at the surprising sight before her.

There stood the man, with a large reindeer and a sleigh.

The Man looked back at Book Champ.

“I had a late return from last year.”

And with that he was gone.

In a flash of Christmas magic.


Reading dissertation

Research aim – Identify where people read.

Methodology – Buckets, food colouring, water and chasing people.

Findings – Men often opted for the bathroom bucket. It’s worth noting women were also prone to pour in there because of the pretty red colour and the bath reading thing with candles.  There were a lot of people drawn to the word bedroom because they were possibly tired. The final ‘other’ bucket provided options for the undecided pourer including gardens, public transport and large comfortable sofas.

Conclusion – All buckets had the same level at the end of the three hour test period thus proving people read everywhere.


Reading over the last few weeks

There are so many things I’ve read recently.

My favourite was John Graham’s Shetland Humour – I’ve not gaffed so much in ages!  I’ve also enjoyed reading from many more of the collection in the Shetland section – there’s so much more to discover.

There was one thing that struck me when I was reading Pull of The Moon or Bicycle Dreams: New Shetland Writing.  It’s no longer new but is still a great read.

Another highlight was the evening with Rob Magnusson Smith.  The short story is not an easy craft but his tale set in his fictional Noss Nearly was wonderful.

Crafty cats

Someone heard me speaking about my intention to have a crafty weekend so they left me this book…

Cat craft

I loved looking through this book – I even learned a new word just from the introduction.  I’m a felinophile!  Who knew…

The truth is my crafty weekends don’t involve skill or artistic ability.  Actually I just make a mess!  This book requires skill – things like sewing or being able to cut something out in a straight line.  Ho-hum…

I did show the book to my cat Maggie, who has been in a bad mood as she has a sore paw.

She was unimpressed.


No tears in my eyes

The cover said It’s nearly 9″ long, nearly 1″ thick and it’ll bring tears to your eyes!!

A book about the ‘Carry On’ films did not bring tears to my eyes like the cover promised.  I did enjoy reading about the making of Fawlty Towers though.  My favourite scene is still Basil whacking his car with a branch.

I’ve been reading these books as research for workshops.  I have another creative writing session tomorrow which will be about plot and on Monday I start a new project…

I promise it will not bring tears to the eyes.

It starts with a Shopathon…


I can’t bake

I really can’t bake.

This week I’ve failed to read anything other than various recipes in various books.  Everything I’ve attempted (bar 1) has ended up in the bin with the familiar thud of failure.

Bairns, I even failed at making my ‘safe’ home-made bounty bars.

I find the list of ingredients stressful.  The pretty pictures don’t tempt me – they fill me with fear as I know I’d never ever make anything so pretty and delicious.

I’ve decided I need to find a cookery book by my favourite chef.


I’m sure The Swedish Chef would suit my ad-hoc approach in the kitchen.