Reflections apo hands

During my time as Reading Champ with Shetland Library I have had loads of amazing experiences.  One of my favourites to date was an afternoon spent in the company of the local branch of Alzheimer Scotland.

Following that session I wrote a series of reflections which accompany striking photographs by John Coutts.  This exhibition is now running in Mareel till the 4th of November as part of Luminate, which is a festival which happens throughout Scotland.

The exhibition specifically aims to help dispel the stigma attached to dementia.  It was a lovely peerie project to be involved in.

Go see it.


I’m excited

Many years ago, when the idea of an electronic reader would have made me gaff oot lood (GOL) I used to be involved in organising Wordplay.  I remember after the event always feeling exhausted but always having a warm fuzzy feeling of I think that was fun.


It’s been fun to be part of the steering group for this year and to help plan the return of the festival, which now coincides with Book Week Scotland.


This means there really will be lots of fun things happening.

I’m excited because the Wordplay programme may be the best thing I’ve read in 2016.

Reading over the last few weeks

There are so many things I’ve read recently.

My favourite was John Graham’s Shetland Humour – I’ve not gaffed so much in ages!  I’ve also enjoyed reading from many more of the collection in the Shetland section – there’s so much more to discover.

There was one thing that struck me when I was reading Pull of The Moon or Bicycle Dreams: New Shetland Writing.  It’s no longer new but is still a great read.

Another highlight was the evening with Rob Magnusson Smith.  The short story is not an easy craft but his tale set in his fictional Noss Nearly was wonderful.

Crafty cats

Someone heard me speaking about my intention to have a crafty weekend so they left me this book…

Cat craft

I loved looking through this book – I even learned a new word just from the introduction.  I’m a felinophile!  Who knew…

The truth is my crafty weekends don’t involve skill or artistic ability.  Actually I just make a mess!  This book requires skill – things like sewing or being able to cut something out in a straight line.  Ho-hum…

I did show the book to my cat Maggie, who has been in a bad mood as she has a sore paw.

She was unimpressed.



Last night The Book Group That’s Not A Book Group But Kinda Is A Book Group was down at Sumburgh Head with the @xremelightnorth project.  We were on the Sumburgh Head webcam from 8pm and we had 20 minutes to do our thing.

Nat Hall read poems to a stone wall camera.  I meanwhile described what TBGTNABGBKIABG is all about whilst exploring the themes of the Extreme Light Project and things I’d read about light.

BG night at Sumburgh Head

I decided to this by writing on light up balloons.

They often burst.

My nerves have nearly recovered.

More TBGTNABGBKIABG  in September after our little summer break.



This morning I voted in #ScotlandsFavouriteBook

Colleagues at Shetland Library thought only being able to choose one from the list of thirty was cruelty to readers.  I was too busy rejoicing in the fact that I wouldn’t have to vote for one of the many books I pretended to study at Uni.


Oor Wullie wasn’t on the list so I decided to vote for a stonking writer in the form of Jackie Kay.  Trumpet is definitely one of my favourite books and this vote has reminded me to read it again.

What’s your favourite?  Make sure to vote – Scotland’s Favourite Book.

War an peace to Peedie Tatties

Members of The Book Group That’s Not A Book Group But Kinda Is A Book Group voted on whether I should read War and Peace.

War and Peace Fear

I lost the vote but I’ll win the war by finishing the book in less than three months.

Meanwhile, I thought we could try out Peedie Tatties which I imagine Orkney Library staff scoff by the bucket load.  A staff member wasn’t impressed and in voicing her disgust at how they tasted said “I thought I had an auld body stuck in da back o me trot.”

No more Peedie Tatties in the Library staff room…