2016 Favourite Reads

During Book Week Scotland 2016 we announced the results of the favourite things we have read in 2016.  We encouraged members of Book Group That’s Not A Book Group But Kinda Is A Book Group along with Shetland Library users to vote for:

  1. Most readable food ingredients
  2. Best tweet
  3. The book I had to read all night long
  4. The poem that made me want to read it again and again
  5. The toilet graffiti that made me smile
  6. The news headline that made me sit down
  7. Funniest words
  8. Sexiest song lyrics
  9. Loveliest message on a post-it note

After a really complex procedure where we counted up the results and scratched our heads a little bit we then announced the winners on light up balloons at Mareel.

In no particular order the official favourite reads of 2016 were:

  1. Graffiti – I Love Shaun Mendes
  2. Online – The Social ‘Living with your family’
  3. Ingredients – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’s
  4. Elemental by Amanda Curtin
  5. Short story – The Elector of Nossnearly
  6. The Shetland Gruffalo
  7. Shetland Library and Orkney Library Twitter War
  8. Post-it note – Done!
  9. The information board at the bottom of Ronas Hill about a chambered cairn
  10. Smarties ingredients – no nuts!
  11. Whales blood staining the sea and cape pigeons feeding on the clotted blood
  12. Any words written by the world’s wittiest and most charming jannies
  13. The Magic Faraway Tree
  14. Children of Cherry Tree Farm
  15. Peacock Pie
  16. The Phantom Tollbooth
  17. Six Dinner Sid
  18. Anne Dickie’s Haiku
  19. The August edition of Shetland Life Magazine
  20. Dead Souls
  21. Extreme Light North #Shetland
  22. Song lyrics – Revellers ‘Skeletons’
  23. Website – Baulbals Reef
  24. Headline – Aberdeen businessman becomes President of the United States
  25. HP Sauce ingredients
  26. Text message received – Mary Blance
  27. Headline – Carnforth Town Hall gets new vacuum cleaner
  28. Sign – No Grass Trampling
  29. Zettrans bus timetables
  30. Fathomless Riches – Rev Richard Coles
  31. The Martian by Andy Coles
  32. Scotland 1941 by Edwin Muir
  33. The classics – Dickens, Bronte sisters, etc
  34. Headline – Budgie’s death now being treated as suspicious
  35. Le Feu
  36. The Light in August
  37. Carmen
  38. Post-it note – Girl from a primary school, having watched a subtitled film wrote “I liked it so much I forgot I was reading it.”
  39. Norwegian by night
  40. The AHS World of Norm