This morning I voted in #ScotlandsFavouriteBook

Colleagues at Shetland Library thought only being able to choose one from the list of thirty was cruelty to readers.  I was too busy rejoicing in the fact that I wouldn’t have to vote for one of the many books I pretended to study at Uni.


Oor Wullie wasn’t on the list so I decided to vote for a stonking writer in the form of Jackie Kay.  Trumpet is definitely one of my favourite books and this vote has reminded me to read it again.

What’s your favourite?  Make sure to vote – Scotland’s Favourite Book.

“The cookies are cold now, Mommy”

Return of the banditThis week has seen me persevere with  The Return of the Bandit by Roy Patterson.

Gun fights, goodies, baddies and the wife of our Texan hero who has to handle the real crisis – her daughter has made cookies for Pa, they’ve gone cold and they might have to make some more.  When should they make them and will Pa make it home safely?   Oh, the drama!

The theme tune to the High Chaparral was on loop in my head throughout.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted that Jackie Kay has been appointed Makar and I’ve enjoyed conversations about dialect, healthy walking and classic cars.