Crafty cats

Someone heard me speaking about my intention to have a crafty weekend so they left me this book…

Cat craft

I loved looking through this book – I even learned a new word just from the introduction.  I’m a felinophile!  Who knew…

The truth is my crafty weekends don’t involve skill or artistic ability.  Actually I just make a mess!  This book requires skill – things like sewing or being able to cut something out in a straight line.  Ho-hum…

I did show the book to my cat Maggie, who has been in a bad mood as she has a sore paw.

She was unimpressed.



Dere’s ae tragic endings

A couple of weeks ago I wandered over to the Library.

I was wondering what to read.

Thelma smiled her friendly smiley welcome.

I thought to myself – here’s a woman who could make a recommendation.

“I like da auld ones” she said in response to my request for assistance. She pondered for a moment and then said “Dere’s Kirsten Hannah but dan dere’s ae tragic endings.”

“Oh we’ll go for that” said I and we headed off to find our chosen book.

I think it’s important to stress I have not quite finished yet.

Deres ae tragic endings

But I’m ready for the tragic ending.

A reading secret revealed

We’ve been holding secrets and confessions workshops as part of the Scottish Book Trust story gathering for 2016.

It’s made me think about reading secrets and that inspired my reading choice this week.

It was ultimately guilt that made me pick the graphic novel Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde adaptationWhy would I feel guilty for that?

Here comes the confession…

I studied Cultural Studies with the University of the Highlands and Islands.  I got an A for a book review of the Stevenson classic.

I never read the book.

Aah.  I feel better now.

No I don’t…

It’s Friday the 13th!

I can’t do gluffsome

I’ve been reading I am Legend by Richard Matheson.  Some points to note:

  1. Last week when selecting my book from the Sci-Fi section at Shetland Library I deliberately opted for a brightly coloured yellow book.  I like bright yellow shiny things
  2. I didn’t read the back.  My ignorance led to quite a gluffsome shock – poor Robert Neville is surrounded by vampires and I’m terrified of vampires and zombies and all things gluffsome
  3. I’ve not finished I am Legend as I’ve run out of onions and garlic to protect myself with.  I will go buy more and read in the bright sun.


“The cookies are cold now, Mommy”

Return of the banditThis week has seen me persevere with  The Return of the Bandit by Roy Patterson.

Gun fights, goodies, baddies and the wife of our Texan hero who has to handle the real crisis – her daughter has made cookies for Pa, they’ve gone cold and they might have to make some more.  When should they make them and will Pa make it home safely?   Oh, the drama!

The theme tune to the High Chaparral was on loop in my head throughout.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted that Jackie Kay has been appointed Makar and I’ve enjoyed conversations about dialect, healthy walking and classic cars.