I’m excited

Many years ago, when the idea of an electronic reader would have made me gaff oot lood (GOL) I used to be involved in organising Wordplay.  I remember after the event always feeling exhausted but always having a warm fuzzy feeling of I think that was fun.


It’s been fun to be part of the steering group for this year and to help plan the return of the festival, which now coincides with Book Week Scotland.


This means there really will be lots of fun things happening.

I’m excited because the Wordplay programme may be the best thing I’ve read in 2016.


Reading to my dog

I decided to read to my dog.

My dog is very set in his ways.  He loves playing with a ball and going swimming.  It’s his favourite thing to do next to trying to persuade me that it’s Bonio time.

My Bonio obsessed dog Cooper

I got a book out from Shetland Library called 101 fun things to do with your dog .

Cooper enjoyed bits of the book.  In particular he enjoyed where it suggested variations on the ball games he loves.

He didn’t like dressing up but he is now officially a high-five master…  If there’s a Bonio available in return.